custom Vintage Star wars 12″ princess leia ceremonial box and inserts


Custom Vintage Star Wars 12″ Princess Leia Ceremonial box,inserts,twist ties,brackets and paperwork.


This Vintage Star Wars custom 12″ Princess Leia Ceremonial box and inserts will allow you to display your own custom vintage 12″ Princess Leia Ceremonial figure at its very best. See pictures. The 12″ figure is a vintage 12″ Princess Leia figure and clothes from the modern version 12″ Princess Leia Ceremonial figure. The quality of these boxes are truly stunning and you will not be disappointed. Please note there are no 12″ figures included, They are only on the photos to show what the box would be like with your own custom vintage 12″ Princess Leia Ceremonial figure. Just to clarify this is for one Vintage Star Wars custom 12″ Princess Leia Ceremonial box, inserts, twist ties, brackets and paperwork only. There are no 12″ figures included.